Our software products

We have built a wide number of applications for the MS Windows environments based on our own script tool daVinci Script.
We use to call them daVinci Solutions.

The main idea

The main idea has been to improve the productivity in software development by taking care of all the trivial operations once for all through their implementation in a common tool equipped with a command interface.

The tool can then be instructed to read from a text file a series of statements (or commands) and execute them, liberating the developer from the need to deal with low-level programming.

By combining in the tool powerful statements with a relatively simple but flexible program syntax we have been able to produce high-quality solutions at a very low cost.

  What we offer

We can offer the following:
- Ready-to-use standard solutions for everyday computer activities.
- Customized automation solutions on demand.
- Developer version of the tool (Developer SDK) for companies with programming skills addressing their own needs.
- Provider version of the tool (Provider Kit) for developing companies addressing internal users or external customers.
- Reseller version of the tool (Reseller Package) for partners who intend to sell the tool kits to other customers worldwide.

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