Welcome to Carso Data

Automation Tools

We can automate all kinds of recurring activities running under Windows in both local and distributed environments.
Thanks to new powerful software developed by us, we can build high-quality reliable solutions, even of complex nature, for a fraction of the normal cost.

Mobile Solutions

We are very familiar with all kinds of Windows mobiles, as we have programmed them since they were introduced on the market.
We provide smart solutions for mobile communication, mobile security, remote control and process automation.

Graphic Design

We can do almost any kind of image processing (sometimes even completely automated), for all major formats, in both raster and vector graphics. We take also digital photos on demand, which we process then according to customer's wishes.


We make use of the latest programming tools and we apply state of the art technique in software design and software development. Through our MSDN subscriptions we have continuous access to the latest versions of all products from Microsoft.
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